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New Online Resource Mobilisation Tool

Piles and piles of project documents? Unclear state of funding and donation? NO longer in the picture!

With the new online resource mobilisation tool provided by AKVO, GKPF members can enjoy the benefit of:

1) Really Simple Reporting for project development

2) Keeping track of the state of project funding and project transparency

To learn more about this tool click here.


Why do YOU have to support GKPF?

GKPF is a hub for people from many different countries who believe and who are very passionate about development.

Join Ms.Clotilde Fonseca (Executive Director of Consejo de Promoción de la Competitividad and former Minister of Science and Technology of Costa Rica) to support us!


Global Knowledge Partnership Foundation is the global marketplace for development and innovation.

We bring together Public, Private, and Not for Profit Organizations to harness the potentials of Knowledge and ICT for development

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ICT for Development News


Mo bile phone is a womens best friend

Started by Shikha Mathur Kumar in Sample Title Mar 19, 2014.

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