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We are at the stage where we can share an update on the implementation strategy for GKPF to broaden and deepen NGO1/Civil Society engagement in a healthy Internet ecosystem, as an integral part of a strategy of ICT for development. Links to some of the background documents that explain the mission, vision and context of the initiative are listed below, and relevant parts are contained in this message.


1) NGO/Civil Society Survey

A short simple survey has been designed to capture the initial Internet needs and concerns of NGO's and Civil Society in the European region. The survey can be found at The survey will contribute to the initial work to broaden and deepen NGO/Civil Society awareness and engagement in Internet governance as members/participants of the Internet ecosystem. The survey platform has been created and we are poised to send out the survey to 1300 Civil Society organizations in Europe.

The plan is to conduct regionally adapted surveys in Africa, Asia, North America and South America, as the process builds momentum and GKPF secures appropriate funding. The Internet has made the administration of surveys measurably easier, but analysing responses and translating that into awareness and engagement strategies requires considerable effort and resources. We will need to concentrate on funding for the regional surveys as they are the important step for the design of appropriate strategies and content for the follow up activities of webinars and face to face meetings.


2) Regional Hubs

The GKPF strategy includes the creation of GKPF regional offices to administer and coordinate the regional activities with regional stakeholders, and with the GKPF global office doing support and global co-ordination. Thus far, working with partners, GKPF has secured regional office space in Europe (Brussels), South America (Monte Video), and North America (Virginia). We still need to establish regional offices for Africa and Asia . We welcome suggestions and proposals here.


3) The Pathfinder Initiative

The first planned GKPF activity is the "Pathfinder Initiative", an Internet Webinar and Dialogue Series for NGOs/Civil Society. Each webinar will draw speakers from a variety of Internet stakeholder groups to address issues and lead discussions on topics that are of direct concern to NGO/Civil Society use of the Internet. The webinar’s will also explore NGO/Civil Society’s obligations to Internet governance and Internet ecosystem health.

All webinars will be streamed over the Internet, a limited number of participants will be able to attend live on-site sessions, and all webinars will be archived on-line for downloading. Remote hubs will be established when appropriate and where local partners are available. The Pathfinder Series will also hold a number of face-to-face engagement events at global locations.

The first webinar was held January 14, 2015  Title: "What Every Non-profit Organization Should Know About Its Use of the Internet and Never Dared to Ask!" (access the recordings of this webinar here )

Singapore Pathfinder Webinar Program

"What every Civil Society Organization should Know about its use of the Internet and Never Dared to Ask! - Part 2"

(South East Asia Regional Webinar)

Date & Time: February 10, 2015 11:30-13:00 SGT (3:30-5:00 UTC)

Event Location: Moor Room, Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore

Topic 1: “Making it work for you: Emerging Opportunities and Challenges for Civil Society Organizations on the Internet”

Presenter: Sam Lanfranco, Chair, NPOC Policy Committee; Chair, ISOC-Canada Public Policy Committee

Topic 2: “Civil Society Online: Domain Names, Brand Protection and Abuse Prevention”

Presenters: Renee Xavier, Director, Alpha & Omega Law Firm (Singapore); Brian J. Winterfeldt, Head of Internet Practice, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP (Washington D.C.)

Topic 3: “ICANN's Role in Civil Society Organization Internet Opportunities and Challenges”

Presenters: Jean-Jacques, Civil Society Engagement ICANN

Moderator: Rudi Vansnick, Chair, Not-for-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency (NPOC)

If you have questions or suggestions please contact Klaus Stoll, or Rudi Vansnick, at the Global Knowledge Partnership Foundation


Video-audio stream of the webinar is available here


Location: Brussels, Belgium (Date [March, ?? 2015], time and place to be confirmed)

Location: Buenos Aires (Date [May, 2015], time and place to be confirmed)

Location: Dublin (Date [October, 2015], time and place to be confirmed)

There is demand and opportunities for more sessions during the year. We should try to have one session a month and we need to concentrate on mounting additional sessions in Africa and Asia.


5) Face-to-Face Meetings

The pathfinder webinars are to be complimented by a number of regional events. With the ICANN Morocco meeting postponed until 2016 it is important to mount African Pathfinder events around NGO/Civil Society concerns, issues, awareness and engagement. It is important to partner in with local evens and show the flag of the multi-stakeholder process and Internet Governance in Africa. Face-to-face meetings, ideally and when possible, will be staged in cooperation with other scheduled events.

Events currently under consideration and planning include:

  1. April 14th-16th 2015, IAD (Innovation Africa Digital) Summit, Zimbabwe
  2. July 21st-22nd 2015 (provisional dates)C2C (Connect to Connect) Summit, Tanzania,
  3. September 29th – 30th 2015 (Provisional Dates) D4D (Data for Development) Summit, Burkina Faso,
  4. October 2015 (dates to be confirmed), eAccessibility and Digital Inclusion, Angola,
    All of the above Africa events are being organized in co-operation with Extensia ltd


6) Outreach Materials (individual documents)

a) Manifesto: The aim Manifesto document "Governance of the Internet, by the people, for the people: A Call for Civil Society Participation and Engagement". is the goal of identifying and addressing vital practical operational concerns as well as effective strategic uses of the Internet by NGOs and Civil Society, and their role as engaged stakeholders in Internet governance. (Manifesto)


b) Vision behind the Manifesto and the Pathfinder Mission: NGO and Civil Society presence on the Internet came without a citizenship manual. This document explains the Pathfinder initiative in terms of enhancing the ability of NGOs and Civil Society to assess how they do what they do on the Internet as that links back to their mission and vision, be that managing their own domain name and webpages, making use of social networking platforms, or being engaged in Internet governance policy dialogue. Most important, it involves understanding their obligations to help build the living reality of a sustainable Internet ecosystem and its citizenship polices, at the global and local level.


c) Outreach to NGOs: The Outreach document is an adaptation of the Manifesto and used to reach out to NGOs and Civil Society organizations directly. The manifest is accompanied by an outreach document: "Support vital operational concerns and the effective strategic uses of the Internet by Civil Society"


d) Pathfinder Sponsorship: Fund raising for implementation is one of the key issues for the Pathfinder Initiative This document lays out the rational for sponsorship as a win-win-win, a win for NGO’s and Civil Society, a win for the sponsors, and a win for GKPF in terms of its own mission and vision. Support is sought both for funds and for services in kind in support of Pathfinder events.


7) How can you help with the implementation of the Pathfinder Initiative Masterplan?

Surveys: Help the initiative find funding for further regional surveys in Africa, Asia, Latin America and North America. Support survey implementation by helping the initiative to engage regional networks of NGOs and Civil Society organizations, and help with access to regional NGO and Civil Society online forums and mailing lists.


Regional Hubs: Suggest appropriate organizations and individuals that can help with the establishment of regional hubs in Africa, Asia, Latin America and North America.


Webinars and Face-to-Face meetings: Help promote the Pathfinder Series of Webinars and meetings, both in general and in particular for specific regional webinars. Support webinar and meeting planning and delivery with content, speakers, infrastructure, funding efforts, and contacts to potential partners. Help to identify venues, dates, themes and potential collaborating events in regions yet to be covered by Pathfinder efforts.


Outreach materials: Help to disseminate the outreach materials widely to NGOs and Civil Society organizations.
Knowledge Mobilization Capacity Building: Although it is not a priority at this point, we need to think about creating and collecting materials and information regarding the operational concerns and the effective strategic uses of the Internet by NGOs and Civil Society, as well as a body of materials dealing with the rights and obligations of citizenship in the Internet ecosystem. Ideally such materials would be for open access through an easy to use and effective online database. This is one of several areas where GKPF and the Pathfinder initiative need to start thinking and planning.


Fundraising: Help us with ideas to create a more consolidated sponsorship development strategy and help us identify and contact potential sponsors. Participate in a GKPF/Pathfinder masterplan fund-raising strategy meeting, or delegate a suitable person from your organization to participate.


The Door is Always Open: At any time and on any dimension of the work of the GKPF, this Pathfinder initiative, or anything else related to the GKPF mission, vision, and work, feel free to contact us with questions, ideas, or suggestions at