GKPF Structure - Membership

GKPF membership is the heart of the organization. GKPF is neither a member run foundation, nor simply a member supported foundation. Its members are stakeholder participates at two levels. They are participants in the overall mission and vision of GKPF, and they are significant multi-stakeholder participants in the ICT4D initiatives where GKPF plays a strategic role with regard to animating project design and implementation in collaboration with governments, business, and civil society within a multistakeholder model of design and implementation,

GKPF provides initiatives with the convening power to gather a broad range of partners, primarily for advancing ICT for development and innovation across the globe, but also for advancing broader global stakeholder development goals.

Members of GKPF may perform a supporting role, in support of GKPF’s overall mission and vision or may be active participants in ongoing multi-stakeholder initiatives. Most likely they will move back and forth between those two roles. In individual projects not all stakeholders will be members of GKPF, this will be particularly true for local stakeholders whose interests and capacities are restricted to the projects at hand.