GKPF Council of Wisdom

The work of GKPF and especially of its member organizations, their initiatives, and the monitoring and evaluation will result in the considerable accumulation of both explicit and tacit knowledge as well as institutional memory.

A key element in the GKPF knowledge mobilization strategy will be to retain the engagement of key former GKP/GKPF stakeholders. In order to retain access to those lessons learned and the wisdom gained for the benefit of the GKPF membership network, and for ICT4D projects, GKPF will create a “Council of Wisdom” whose intent is to retain engagement in order to integrate their experiences and wisdom for the benefit of the network.

This is GKPF effort to capture the institutional memory and accumulated knowledge so often lost in the history of development projects. The role of these “GKPF Elders” (“Elder” because of wisdom and not age!) is it to advise the Foundation’s Global Board of Trustees in directing and growing the network. The GKPF council of wisdom members will also act as mentors to the GKPF regional organizations and may on occasion be invited as mentors in GKPF member projects.

GKPF elders will be elected by the GKPF Global Board by nomination through the regionally appointed GKPF Board Members. The term of each GKPF elder shall be 3 years.