MOBILE4D "The Mobile Internet - Multi-sector partnerships to develop an ecosystem of applications for social inclusion."



Mobile phone based technologies are becoming more and more significant, not only in well developed countries where they have become an indispensable tool in the daily life of people, but if not even more significant and powerful in developing countries where they have become an important tool for development and social inclusion. The users in developing countries have to rely on their resourcefulness and ingenuity to make mobile technology work for them. This is because despite many development projects that are based on mobile technology, there are no clear connections and links of exchange between those providing mobile technologies and those who use this technology for development and social inclusion. There is a clear need and self interest of all involved to create such a link, as mobile technology providers want to penetrate the markets even deeper, and increase the use of mobile technologies by establishing them as development and social inclusion tools, whilst at the same time being seen as executing their corporate social responsibility obligations.

It is the role of GKPF as a Knowledge Exchange organization to become the link between mobile technology providers and their ICT4SI users. One of the ways to execute this task is the organization of a global conference that brings these two groups and the relevant policy and regulatory bodies together.

In order to make a real contribution and to be successful the conference will be extremely results, praxis and market orientated. The goal of the conference is to generate win/win situations between mobile phone industry and development practitioners and organizations that result in real practical applications in the field. The whole conference is about generating results that are based on the specific interests of the private, social and governmental stakeholders.

Please contribute here with your ideas, proposals and applications if you are interested in being a sponsor or co-organizer or if you think you and your organization can make a valuable contribution to the conference.